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Motherís Street Project: A Report

On Republic Day of India, January 26, the International Volunteer Group named ASEZ which means Save the Earth from A to Z consist of the member of World Mission Society Church of God university students was invited on the event of Republic Day of India in USTM. The event started with the greeting of USTM Chancellor, Mahbubul Hoque while a member of ASEZ introduced the meaning and motto of ASEZ.

ASEZ, which is taking action actively in 175 countries across the globe, sets to be an example for the university students throughout the world. Their passionate working is being watched with keen interest. The members of ASEZ proclaimed that the importance of university studentsí role on the environmental matters we are facing. And then, they emphasized that the challenge about all the problems could be done by ĎMotherís Loveí which is the motto of ASEZ. They explained, ďMotherís love and sacrifice always cares and encourages us. When we, university students, have a mindset like Motherís Heart, wherever Moms touches, all matters will be healed.Ē

After that, ASEZ and USTM students carried out Motherís Street Project to improve local environments and welfares standards and to change 40,000 km, the circumference of the earth. The activity had proceeded painting the trees as well as cleaning. Among the students, they were separated as two parts, cleaning and painting. The cleaning team mainly cleaned the drain which had a large amount of garbage along the Mahatma Gandhi Road in USTM. The painting team painted the trees on the roadside with limestone.

The cleaning campaign which they had done is meaningful activity held on Republic Day of India. And Motherís Street Project was a good chance to raise USTM studentsí awareness and implementation ability about the environmental matters. For clean India, for clean all over the world, ASEZ and USTM students will never stop their efforts to change the world with Motherís Love.

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